PowerDirector Plugin Reviews

Plugins truly help to expand the features of your software and our CyberLink PowerDirector plugin reviews will truly expand your knowledge of those plugins. Our fun and informative reviews show you all of the features of the plugins and show you how to use them as well. We make sure to present useful material that our viewers will actually utilize in real world editing situations.  The presentation of each video is professional yet humorous in order to keep our viewers fully engaged and help them learn. This page focuses on PowerDirector compatible plugins that we have logged an immeasurable amount of hours using. We know these add-ons inside out, so take advantage of our wisdom and watch these videos. We will add plugin reviews to this page as we create them but if you want to receive notifications every time we create a video you need to subscribe to our YouTube channel.

NewBlue FX Video Essentials VI

This garbage matte tutorial on CyberLink PowerDirector and will show you how to crop, feather, and keyframe sections of videos using the software. This tutorial provides you with information on using the NewBlue FX Video Essentials VI plugin's garbage matte feature to create a matte and help you make great content for your project.

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