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Viewer and subscriber customer testimonials. These comments and feedback from our YouTube videos and social media pages provide you with unbiased reviews of PowerDirector University.


“My go to resource.”

Thanks, I'm learning this software and this channel is my go to resource, really appreciate the great videos and the easy to understand explanations.

The Tokyo Craftsman

“What a great teacher!”

As always thanks for taking time out of your day to bring us new and useful content. We appreciate the hard work you do to teach others like myself so we can get better at what we do. Keep up the awesome work and great tutorials.

— M.R.


"Hit the subscribe button!"

The first time I watched one of your tutorials I immediately hit the SUBSCRIBE button. Very useful videos. Can't wait for my PowerDirector to arrive. 

— K.A

'Where's the crop feature?"

Thank you just purchased 16 this year a little late like last year with 15 and was wondering where the crop feature went. Thank you..... I too look forward to your videos!

— C.K. White Media


Just got Power Director 16 a couple of weeks ago, and I'm learning all that it can do. Loving your tutorials. Looking forward to trying these things out myself. Thanks!

— B.B.



“Very clean, clear, and concise.”

Well done!! Hope your being compensated for your efforts sir. Very clean, clear and concise approach in training, just the facts.  I think this is the best video editor, superior to a well known over complicated system that's been around for years that's over priced.

— CP1699

“You're my go to guy.”

I've been a subscriber of yours for a long time and I wish you made even more of the videos, Believe me you have helped a lot. Your videos have helped me create some interesting videos. Thanks you have always been my go-to guy. Keep ‘em coming!

— The Aceman Santana


“I only watch your videos.”

Thanks for this Malik. BECAUSE of you I chose to use Power Director for editing since becoming a You Tuber. I now use PD16 Ultimate and am so happy with this product. I ONLY watch your videos for "how to do" things 

— Tokyo Drew

“Thanks for quickly solving my problem.”

I never thought I would need it but I finally found a need for using the info in this video.  Thanks for your help in quickly solving my problem. I gave you a 'thumbs up' several months ago and I would give you another 'thumbs up' on this video but Youtube only allows one. 

— DrinkingStar


It's been a while. Miss your content and my PowerDirector love. Another great session. You come up with new ideas and simplify what can be done. It makes me realize how good, versatile, and tech friendly this software is. Peace!

— J.K.



"PowerDirector Love."

I love this software and I love your tutorials!

— Jazzy James

"Found It!"

Awesome video tutorial....just what I was looking for...thanks 

— Dusty


"Exactly what we needed."

My son and I just watched this clip - it is exactly what we needed to finish our video. Thank you!

— D.E.

"You're the man!"

Just bought Ver 16 and starting from ground Zero. Love it....You're the man!!!!

— G.P.


"You just made my day!"

Maliek, you just made my day.  Received the notification from YT that you had posted and thought NO WAY!  Thank you from all of us PD users for what you do.

— Toney

"Like & subscribe."

Awesome!  You got a like, and a subscribe.  First time I have seen your stuff, but not  the last.

— Haunted00Horse


Thank you for great tutorials. You really do a good job of pausing in the right places using the red arrows and allowing us to see what the cursor is really doing. You also do a good job of showing most if not all of the options, what they do, why they're there, how you use them, and what the consequences are. I think that you make the best tutorials I've ever seen on almost any subject. Thank you very much!

— R.W.


"Binge watching your tuts."

I've been using PD for a few years now and always refer to your tutorials. I enjoy your videos to the monotonous drone of the 'professors' at Cyberlink :-) Just purchased 16 so I'm now binge watching. Thanks Maliek!

— D.B.

"I subscribed to your channel."

Thanks for showing me the basics on my new software. It's still sort of greek to me, but you did help me on some of questions in my head. I just subscribed to your channel and I will be watching more of your videos. Thanks again. God Bless You!!!

— MsBrenda Dee


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